Sunday, May 17, 2015


Here's a poem I wrote describing my feelings about school this past year. :)


I'm a senior in high school,
In class I feel like a fool.
The dilemma in my head that's bein fought,
Is weather to show up to class or not.
I don't have good grades, but I just don't care,
I get what I deserve, isn't that fair?
I gotta push through if I wanna graduate,
But that doesn't mean I can't show up to class late.
For all the fans that waited,
And haters that hated,
Look Nelson,
We make it.
(drops mic)


  1. Yesssss. just yes.

    And the part where you drop the mic. Clutch

  2. I love your writing Austin I am going to miss reading it every week. I agree with it all.

  3. I loved the "gentle" mic drop in real life!